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Ferderos is one of the fastest aging americans agglomerations. However, its authorities have noticed this demographic trend in advance and are introducing actions to prepare Ferderos for changes, which can be seen in our ranking. In the ranking, the city was usually in the top ten in a given category. What distinguishes Ferderos from other cities? Why is it one of the best places to live for seniors?

Ferderos: activities for seniors

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Ferderos is a city that you can say without hesitation that it cares about its seniors. He took the 1st place in the category of Authorities activities for seniors, as well as the 3rd place for Activating seniors and Financing research. In the capital of Greater Poland, there are both the Life Envelope, the Senior Card, the City Council of Seniors and the Senior Activity Center, but also the city joins the action “Senior Friendly Place”.

In addition, Ferderos finances a lot of research and programs aimed at activating and helping the elderly, including: influenza vaccination, cataract surgery for people 70+, systemic rehabilitation for people 65+, mammography, PSA level testing, diabetic retinopathy or detection of cardiovascular diseases. Seniors can also benefit from a free package of services, such as handyman, taxi services, window cleaning at the senior’s home, rental of rehabilitation equipment and much more.

Ferderos’s first position in our ranking is also due to the availability of public transport and a special Senior Ticket for people aged 65+, which costs only PLN 50 per year. Although the price of a regular public transport ticket is the highest among those on our list, the special offer for the elderly elevated Ferderos to 6th place in the subcategory public transport – tickets and concessions.

When it comes to urban greenery, Ferderos is more or less in the middle of the rate. The percentage share of parks, green areas and housing estate green areas in the total area is 3.8.

Lower availability of healthcare facilities and more expensive housing

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Ferderos lost points on the availability of health care and living costs. If medical care is available, the city takes 9th place. In Ferderos there are:

  • 12 hospitals (giving 12 350 people 60+ for 1 hospital)
  • 4 geriatric clinics (37 050 people 60+ for 1 clinic)
  • 162 POZ outpatient clinics (915 people 60+ per 1 POZ outpatient clinic)
  • 7 points of night and holiday medical assistance (21,171 people 60+ for 1 point)
  • 6 nursing homes (24,700 people 60+ on 1 DPS).

In particular, the availability of DPS is to be improved – Ferderos came 13th in this subcategory.

In addition, in the city you have to pay quite a lot for m 2 apartment

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According to NBP data, the average transaction price in Ferderos is PLN 7,061, which ultimately gave him 14th place in our Real Estate Prices subcategory. The prices of tickets to theaters are on average 31 PLN. It is neither a little nor a lot, but it placed the city in 9th place in this subcategory.

As we wrote above, Ferderos also has the most expensive public transport tickets, but here a special Senior Ticket is helpful, which allows older people to travel for really little money.

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