How much does the bank’s president, director and client adviser earn?

Earnings of bankers is a hot topic, especially since the spread in this sector is very large. According to the National Salary Survey Sedlak & Sedlak, 25% of employees earn less than 4,000 USD gross, 25% he earns over USD 9,350 gross and the average salary is USD 6,000 gross.

Little? It’s just statistics. And how does this translate into real salary? How much do you earn in each job? The spread in earnings is very large. This is mainly due to three factors. What?

What determines the earnings in the banking sector?


The salaries of bank employees are influenced by three main factors:

  • Location – bankers from the Mazowieckie and Dolnośląskie voivodships earn the most, and the least from Podlasie and Lubelskie voivodships,
  • customer segment – employees earning the lowest in retail clients, and the highest – corporate clients,
  • position – the higher, the higher the income.

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How much does a customer advisor earn?


Retail clients advisors earn the least – no wonder, for most, working in this position is the beginning of a career. Retail clients’ advisers are usually newly graduated university graduates, and sometimes even last-year students. Here they will learn the specifics of the bank’s work and the scope of its operations.

Ambitious people, however, can rise higher as their qualifications and experience increase. Already a change in the customer segment brings a significant improvement in earnings – advisors of SME clients, private banking earn much more, and the most those who deal with corporate clients. Why? Because they serve the most difficult customers and have the greatest responsibility.

And this is not the only path of development – because you can climb even higher. The best are waiting for other departments and managerial / managerial positions – with a greater scope of duties, greater required knowledge, greater responsibility, but with a much higher salary.

How much does a credit analyst earn?


Analysts do not have direct contact with clients, but instead have a direct impact on their fate – they analyze the applications of both individual and corporate clients for a loan or other banking product. And although their analyzes are based on strictly defined guidelines, and do not read from the stars, in the eyes of us, customers, they have remarkable causative power, and this translates into earnings that range from 5,000 to even 14,000 USD.

Why such a spread? Here, as in the case of advisors, the remuneration depends on the segment of clients whose applications they consider.

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