Bank Norwegian Private Loans and Credit Cards

Do you like to travel? Then you know for sure that Norwegian is an airline with low prices. Bank Norwegian is the bank that offers private loans and a credit card with which you collect Cash Points.

Bank Norwegian is the bank that has the highest private loan you can subscribe to in Sweden today. Another offer that stands out is the credit card completely without an annual fee.

Private loan from Bank Norwegian up to SEK 600,000

Private loan from Bank Norwegian up to SEK 600,000

The private loan offered by Bank Norwegian is a so-called blank loan where you can borrow money for whatever you want without putting anything in safety. To borrow, you must meet certain minimum requirements. You may not have any payment notes. You must be at least 23 years old and be registered in Sweden since at least 3 years.

You can borrow between SEK 5,000 and SEK 600,000 and your loan application can be submitted via their website. You answer some simple questions and fill in your details. After Bank Norwegian has made a custom credit check, you will receive an answer.

The interest rate is set individually and is variable, currently from 6.99% – 22.99%. On smaller loans up to SEK 25,000, no lay-up fee is charged. An amount of SEK 149-399 is taken out on the amount above, depending on the size of the private loan

An additional fee is an administrative monthly fee of SEK 19 per month. However, this only applies to loans over SEK 15,000.

The loan can be signed and approved via the Internet if you have BankID / e-ID. If you have a mobile phone, you can complete the entire loan application via the mobile phone.

Credit card without annual fee

Credit card without annual fee

Bank Norwegian has now launched its credit card which has many advantages and which is also completely free of annual fees. Anyone who handles their payments on time can have a credit card of up to SEK 100,000 completely free of charge.

All purchases are collected on one invoice and paid monthly. Take the habit of always paying on time if you want to avoid costs entirely with the credit card. The effective interest rate for those who postpone a payment is 21.93% (most recently checked on 31/8 2018).

Collect Cashpoints on each purchase with Bank Norway’s credit card

Collect Cashpoints on each purchase with Bank Norway

You who usually travel with Norwegian may know their bonus system where you get Cashpoints. These points can be used at any time to book an entire trip or as a partial payment of a trip. You do not have to wait until you reach a certain amount in order to use the points.

Every time you shop with Bank Norway’s credit card you get Cash Points. If you use the card when booking air travel with Norwegian you get up to 10% Cash points. For all other transactions, you receive 0.5% of the purchase sum in Cash Points. However, bookings with other airlines do not give any Cash Points.

Several benefits of Norwegian’s credit card

Bank Norwegian kreditkort visa

In addition to the card being without annual fee, there are several advantages to the card.

  • no fee on cash withdrawals abroad
    • travel insurance and cancellation insurance included
    • CashPoints on all purchases
  • Up to 6 weeks interest-free credit

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